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Breakfast Starters/sides

Chocolate croissant  $2 
Scone  $2.50 
Assorted Danish  $2 ea 
Toast & jam   $3
Muffin du jour  $2 
Choice of bagel with cream cheese  $2 
Citrus cup  $4 
Fruit cup  $6 
House granola with Seven Star plain yogurt  $6 
Turkey bacon or pork bacon  $3 
2 breakfast sausage patties  $3 
Cup of home fries  $2 
Side smoked salmon  $8 
Coffee cake  $3

Hot Breakfast

Brioche French Toast  $10
Topped with honey butter & spiced pecans with Lancaster maple syrup 
Quiche du Jour  $12 
House made savory quiche served with house salad or home fries                                                      

Smoked Salmon Plate  $12

Smoked salmon with lettuce, tomato, onion and capers with choice of toast and cream cheese

Scramble Sandwich  $10
Cheddar egg scramble with tavern ham on Baker’s street roll. Served with home fries
Sunny Side Eggs  $10 
Sautéed spinach atop toasted brioche with swiss cheese. Served with home fries
Breakfast Plate  $9
Scrambled eggs, bacon, home fries & toast 
Morning Burrito  $12 
Chili spiced egg scramble, refried beans, wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with house chili sauce, house guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream served with home fries 
Garden Frittata  $10 
broccoli, tomato and smoked gouda served with homefries, toast


Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite  $2 
Flavored San Pelligrino Sparkling Beverage $3 
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea  $1.50 
Orange Juice  $2.50 
Kids Assorted Flavored Juice Box  $1 
Cranberry or Apple Juice  $2 
Assorted Hot Tazo Teas  $1.50 
Coffee Regular or Decaf  $2