Three-time best of Philly winner from Philadelphia Magazine

Best salad from the Mainline Today Magazine 


Cake opened in March 2000 as a small bakery off Highland Avenue in Chestnut Hill, just around the corner from our current location. The original Cake family included owner Grey Heck, a baker and a counter person, but with a lineup of regulars and a cozy atmosphere Cake quickly became a popular local spot. 

By 2001 we started to serve lunch, and over the next five years it became apparent that Cake needed more space. We moved into the former Robertson’s Nursery conservatory in August 2007 after a five-month renovation, keeping many of the conservatory’s original details, including the fountain and gorgeous slate floors. Our staff expanded in the new space, including a full-time executive chef and a pastry chef. Dinner and Sunday brunch menus were also added to our repertoire. 

Cake began hosting private events in spring 2010, and even welcomed our first wedding reception. Although we’ve grown, the personal feel of our restaurant hasn’t changed. Cake is proud to be part of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood and we consider our customers as part of the family.